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Introduction :


Torque Limiter is a device, which as its name suggests, protects a drive system from damage due to excess torque. When actual torque exceeds the rated torque due to reasons like shock loads, over loads or machine jams, the torque limiter slips, and thus prevents the excess torque from getting further transmitted. Once the excess torque has passed the Torque limiter re-engages. The advantage here is that no resetting is required, thus saving down time of machine. The Torque which is to be transmitted (permissible torque) can be set with the help of spring washers.

The torque capacity of transmission increases when the spring washer is tightened and vice versa. The same Torque Limiter can be used over a specific range of Torque. Friction liner are used to clamp either a sprocket, gear, sheave or flange plate and provides the resistance required.

Range :

  • Bore Diameter : 8mm to 92mm
  • Torque Capacity : 0.3 Kgm to 175 Kgm

Application :

  • Packaging machinery and Paper mills
  • All Material Handling and Lifting Equipments
  • Winches and Conveyors
  • Steel Plants & Rolling mills
  • Printing machines
  • Food processing machines.
  • Sugar, Mining, Cement, Textile industries to name a few

Salient Features :

  • Simple Torque adjustment over a wide range.
  • Compact and simple design.
  • Variety of drive options. (sprocket, pulleys and in-line couplings)
  • High speed and slow speed applications.
  • Automatic reset.
  • Instant response to overload.

Torque Limiter supplier and manufacturer :
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