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Introduction :


Electro hydraulic thruster is a device which develops linear thrust (or force) required to operate the required mechanism. The input to the device is three phase supply. The thrusters are widely used to actuate thruster shoe brakes, commonly used in material handling machines. Thrusters in various models develop 100 N to 3000 N force. On supplying electrical power to the motor the impeller mounted on the motor shaft rotates. The impeller draws oil from the low pressure area and discharges it in the high pressure chamber. This increased pressure moves the piston to produce thrust.

When power is switched off, the building up of pressure stops. The external load (usually the spring force of the thruster brake) forces the piston down, and the oil is flushed out of the cylinder. A built in AC induction motor drives the impeller. The radial impeller blades enable operation in both directions of rotation of the impeller. The supply can be terminated in any RYB phase sequence. The motor windings are star connected, with internal star point.

Range :

  • Thruster Capacity (Kg) : 18, 34, 46, 68, 114

Application :

  • All Material Handling and Lifting Equipments
  • Hoisting : electric wire rope Hoists and Crabs
  • Cross travel and Long travel : EOT / Gantry / Goliath / Derrick Cranes
  • Winches and Conveyors
  • Lifts and Elevators

Salient features :

  • Consists of Hydraulic tank, Electric motor, Impeller, Thrust rods and Oil seal.
  • Works on 415 V AC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz supply.
  • Requires Transformer Oil to be filled in the thruster cylinder..
  • Function is to provide adequate hydraulic force to release brake shoes against pre-applied spring tension.
  • Consumes low power.
  • Can work continuously for 8 hours.
  • Capable of nearly 720 start-stops per hour.
  • Maintenance free, robust design.

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