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Electromagnetic Normally Off Type Brake
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Introduction :


These are normally Off type brakes are designed to have a stationary coil, Single surface plate and are used in dry conditions. They are light in weight, compact and have high torque at low wattage. There are two major parts to a Brake : Stator (Brake Body) in which the magnetic coil is fitted and the Armature Plate which is fitted on the Driven shaft. The brake body is bolted to a stationary surface. In normal condition, the brake is not in the applied condition and thus the driving / driven shaft is free to rotate. When the brake coil is energized the armature plate is attracted towards the brake body and comes to an instant stop. When the electric supply is cut off, the brake is released by a pre-stressed sinusoidal wave spring on the armature plate.

Range :

  • Brake diameter : 63mm to 250mm
  • Torque Capacity : 7 Nm to 440 Nm

Application :

  • Textile machinery
  • Wire drawing machines / Cut to Length machines / Coil winding machines.
  • Printing and Packaging machines / Bag making machines.
  • Powder and Liquid filling machines / Bottling plant machines
  • Industrial Automation.
  • Material Handling Equipment conveyors
  • Automatic Carton Folding Machine.

Salient Features :

  • Popularly know as P-Series Brake
  • Consists of brake body and armature plate.
  • Asbestos free liner is used.
  • Armature plate is of 2 types : only spring steel armature plate suitable to mount gear sprocket, pulley and spring steel armature plate with back plate.
  • Works on 12/ 24 / 42 / 90 V DC, 2 Phase supply.
  • Function is to stop rotation instantly.
  • These brakes are used in dry applications. Stop the motion in desired place.
  • Robust and compact design
  • Maintenance free. Easy to install.

Electromagnetic Normally Off Type Brake supplier and manufacturer
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